[Scriptoris] wordfame

Beth Hansen Beth at stormreaver.net
Wed Oct 15 05:50:01 PDT 2003

I wanted to thank Lady Nicolaea for taking nearly an hour out of her busy
day at Namron Protectorate to share her experience, tips, techniques, and
resources. She very kindly allowed me to watch her calligraph the winners
names onto the prize scrolls she made (If you missed seeing them, you missed
something wonderful - I particularly liked the middle-eastern scroll given
for the equestrian champion), and then spent quite some time back at her
camp reviewing with me the steps she takes in creating original scrolls. She
shared with me some of her actual supplies, and gave me the names of
multiple books that we reviewed together for source material.

I appreciate her time and effort, and wanted to let others hear of her
dedication to the arts scribal. :-)


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