[Scriptoris] a plea for help

Kimberly Koch sarapenrose at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 30 21:35:11 PST 2003

Hi Zubeydah,
I'd be happy to do that for you. :) Please feel free to come find me at any point after the procession. I'll be in a red linen cotehardie (although some of the other ladies in my household will be also, so that might not help), and I might be wearing my coronet - embattled, brass, with red roses on it. If you can't find me, someone should be able to point me out to you. I'll bring my pens!

Beth Hansen <Beth at stormreaver.net> wrote:
Scribes of Ansteorra:

I took on a personal quest two months ago: to create scrolls for every
fighter in Northern Ansteorra that had not received their Sable Falcon
Scroll. Three mighty warriors of Ansteorra answered my queries, and for
each one, I have painted a Sable Falcon with all the care I could muster.

The scrolls are ready, and will hopefully be brought to Crown Tournament
this weekend.

I can paint.
I cannot calligraph to save my soul. :-(

Is anyone who is attending willing to do the calligraphy on these three
scrolls? I have all the information needed, print outs of the OP, etc....

My gratitude, and a small gift of chocolate will be yours, if you are
willing to help me discharge this oath.



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