[Scriptoris] Speaking of Cool Ideas.......

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I think it's a *very* cool idea. We should see how much interest there would
be for Ansteorra.
Raghnailt inghean Toirdhealbhaich
Barony of Northkeep

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> Doesn't this sound like fun.....and a good idea for a fund raiser at the
> same time.....(and if you are wondering, it's pronounced "Rid-er-ich
> Hail").  It could be done in time for 30th year.  And it need not me
> limited to Women....it could be Uppity Ansteorrans......can you imagine
> the pictures?:
> Uppity Women of AEthelmearc
> 2003-11-03 23:00:47 (GMT+0:00) (Written by Cori Ghora / Contributed by
> Milica / Posted by Justin)
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> The Rhydderich Hael Scribal Guild is working on a calendar for sale as a
> fund raiser, featuring the "Uppity Women of AEthelmearc." 
> Cori Ghora, Guild Minister for the Rhydderich Hael Scribes Guild writes:
> The Rhydderich Hael Scribal Guild is putting together a calendar for
> sale as a fund raiser. We are hoping to raise money to bring in high
> profile, professional calligraphy and illumination teachers for an event
> yet to be determined (Herald's and Scribe's, Fall 2004?). 
> The theme of the calendar is (with apologies) Uppity Women of
> AEthelmearc. 
> We are looking for nominations for the 12 main art pages. Send in the
> women whom you think should be honored by inclusion amongst our
> history-making ladies. Humor is welcome, but keep it clean and remember,
> the ladies who are nominated will be reading the letters. 
> Any lady nominated for the main pages has the right to refuse to be
> included. All of those chosen will be contacted regarding their page. 
> We are looking for the trail-blazers and the firsts, the women of
> influence in our Kingdom. Choices will be made by the Rhydderich Hael
> Guild after the finalists who are nominated have been contacted for
> permission to use them. The deadline is Herald's and Scribe's in
> Stormsport, November 29, 2003 (post marked). Calendars should be
> available for sale at Twelfthnight in Beau Fleuve January 3, 2004. 
> What do you think?
> ~Aslyn
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