[Scriptoris] Dallas lecture on Med. Bibles

Elaine Crittenden letebts at earthlink.net
Wed Dec 3 06:38:51 PST 2003

This is short notice, I know, but you might want the info. I just got it 
m'self. (The illuminated pages I have seen offered for sale in conjunction
were not reasonably priced, and most were mediocre in design, but some just
took my breath away.)

The lecture will be at the Biblical Arts Center, NW of the intersection of
75 (Central Expressway) and Northwest Highway, 7500 Park Lane, Dallas TX
75225 and the phone is 214-691-4661.

Roger Wieck is the curator of the "Painted Prayers" exhibit now at the
Kimbell Museum in Fort Worth TX. We have had some of threads on his show
lately in this list. I have heard Wieck lecture before. He is realistic in
his observations, and, sometimes, he's a real hoot!

Lete Bithespring (Steppes, Ansteorra/Dallas TX)

Saturday, December 6: Expert on Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts Speaks
About The Medieval Bible

Roger Wieck, world-renowned Curator of Medieval and Renaissance
Manuscripts for the Pierpoint Morgan Library in New York City, will be
visiting the "Dead Sea Scrolls to the Forbidden Book" Exhibit, Saturday,
December 6, to speak on the subject, "The Medieval Bible." The lecture
will begin at 7 pm. During his lecture, Wieck will speak on such topics
as the Bible prior to the Middle Ages and the need in the 13th Century
for the creation of the pocket Bible, or the Bible in one volume.
Accompanying the lecture will be a special exhibit of Illuminated pages
all of which will be made available for sale, making this lecture a one
of a kind event for collectors and Bible historians. Illuminated pages
(properly called leaves) are from handwritten prayer books and
hand-painted Bibles. Some leaves may have lavish decoration in the way
of initials, borders or figures.

www.DeadSeaExhibit.com 1-877-33BIBLE

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