[Scriptoris] books by Taplinger press at Half-Price Books

Hillary Greenslade hillaryrg at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 4 10:38:58 PST 2003

After perusing Half-Price Books stores during a sale, I noticed a lot of calligraphy books by
Taplinger press.  Taplinger has long produced books by some of the top calligraphers.   

Of primary interest were two books by Heather Child: 
Calligraphy Today, 1988, ISBN 0-8008-1206-9  $11.48
The Calligrapher's Handbook (blue issue), 1985, ISBN 0-8008-1198-4   $7.98
  (a book filled with articles from top calligraphers on inks, pigments, quills, etc).

As far as I'm concerned, both books are 'must-have's for any serious student of calligraphy and
illumination. They also has small books by Ann Camp, and the occational 'Historical Scripts' by
Stan Knight, but not at all stores. 

I also found: 'Hunting Book of Gaston Phebus', 2002, Hackberry Press, ISBN 1931040389, 9.98
(this book can also be found online at www.halfpricebooks.com).   This book does not show the full
pages of the original manuscript (can get that for $80+), only the scene's/vignettes', and the
text is more directed to the subject of hunting in the illuminations.  But, as the images are
enlarged, you can see foliage, people, drapery, as well as lovely diapering backgrounds.

I offered to purchase copies of the Hunting book for two folks over the summer, and have lost your
info during computer glitch (one was in Lochac, I think).  If you still want me to mail the book,
I'd be happy to, but you can apparently purchase it online now.  

The other two books by Taplinger Press are not online, so if anyone is unable to locate them and
wants a copy, let me know and I'll send them to you if I can find them (book price and shipping
fee reimbursed).  

Cheers, Hillary / Ansteorra

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