[Scriptoris] rewarding scribes

Lady Simone simone at elfsea.net
Tue Dec 30 02:21:42 PST 2003

hard to come by Paint and brushes would be great. along with a thank you.
Carry casses are another idea,  books are also nice

Lady (Simone) Muirenn ingen Senáin uí Dúnlaing

> I was thinking along the same line. New brushes, paint, paint boxes,
> boxes to hold scrolls......
> Along with the kind words of "You have worked very hard and I just wanted
> say thank you."
> Donnel
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chiara at io.com
> writes:
> Storage devices for our paper. Ya know, like those huge kodak paper boxes.
> :) (Erc used to give those to me, sigh, miss Erc.)
> Replacement ink.
> Replacement nibs.
> Emergency calligraphy set (for those moments when no one has a pen to sign
> things) that you can stash in the car and not worry about getting damaged
> cause they cost nothing.
> Mailing tubes, scroll size.
> Brushes.
> Elusive paints that are hard to find in the area that they live in. Most
> notible, shell gold.
> I actually would recommend the entire list of things off my article for
> traveling scribe but it is a loooong list. Let me know and I will post the
> list here if you like.
> I will send Ace instructions on how to check the archives for ansteorran
> mailing lists on the web from work so that she can read the without having
> to get her work mail box filled with unauthorized email. ;)
> Chiara
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> : At the meeting of the college of scribes at Crown Tourney, it was asked
> that
> : I compile a list of ways to reward or thank an artist for a scroll other
> : than monetary compensation.
> :
> : As I have been focusing on a few other projects this one has sat on the
> back
> : burner longer than I intended.
> :
> : so any suggestions?
> :
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