[Scriptoris] Display Table at Coronation

Jocelyn Hinkle scribe_ari at lycos.com
Tue Jan 6 20:26:57 PST 2004

I will bring my Middle Eastern illuminated page 

Is there enough of God left, in the dust 
between the stars, to dance up more 
life than your fragile ego can stand?
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DATE: Fri, 2 Jan 2004 10:48:07 
From: "Ansteorra Star Signet" <star_signet at ansteorra.org>
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>I have spoken with the autocrats and have procured the use of a table or two
>for scribes to display some completed work near the charter painting table.
>Since this is the same area where the landeds luncheon will be held, One
>maybe two tables of pieces will be all the room we have. (conveniently the
>crown and all the landeds will be near by to see the display as well)
>I will be bringing Mistress Claryce's Pelican Patent, which was completed
>just this last week. It is a collaborative effort with the Calig done by
>Lady Annais, the Illumination done by Myself and the painting done by
>Mistress Rosalia and Myself.
>Who else will bring a spiff piece to show off to the kingdom?
>In Service to Crown and Kingdom
>Darius of the Bells, OL
>Star Signet
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