[Scriptoris] Round Table this weekend and Scribal Handbook

Hillary Greenslade hillaryrg at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 26 08:14:43 PST 2004

As has been mentioned online, these articles will be part of the upcoming Ansteorran Scribal
Handbook, and it will all be online, probably a PDF files, or security locked Word documents.   
The articles have been edited and formated to a standard text, but I still need a few permission
forms before they can go online.   

Once it's online, an announcement will be made, then you can download to your hearts content.
Cheers, Hillary 

--- Elaine Crittenden <letebts at earthlink.net> wrote:
> Me, too--Pretty please, surrounded by chocolates (comfits)?
> Want me to send a check to cover copying/shipping expenses?
> if so, to whom and where?
> Lete
> ----------
> >From: "Horn, Trisha D." <tdhorn at saintfrancis.com>
> >To: "'Scribes within Ansteorra - SCA, Inc.'" <scriptoris at ansteorra.org>
> >Subject: RE: [Scriptoris] Round Table this weekend and Scribal Handbook
> >Date: Mon THJan 19,2004,8:50 AM
> >> 
> > Ditto...
> > Raghnailt
> > >
> >> Could I be added to the list of folks who would cannot attend but would
> >> love
> >> to receive a copy of these documents? And if a PDF version is made
> >> available, I'd love to see them added to the scribal page ...
> >>
> >> -zubeydah

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