[Scriptoris] Reference items for ringbinder-was: Schminke Goldpearl Gouache

Elaine Crittenden letebts at earthlink.net
Sun Feb 8 09:06:31 PST 2004

An invaluable, "golden" resource from my "history" as a scribe--

What I did some years ago in a mundane calligraphy club was to be part of a
group that bought/brought a plethora of imitation golds to a meeting. On our
own sheet of black paper, we each lined off squares and labeled them as we
painted swatches of the various "golds".

We tested all kinds: tube, pan, and liquid. We though black paper would give
us a dramatic contrast, and it did.

I still use it today to check the final, dried color and sheen of the
various kinds I might want to use for a project, though some, like Pelikan's
is no longer available, I understand.

As an afterthought, I would have painted two squares of each of the same
golds and burnished the second one to see if it would "burnish" to ape real
gold's finish.

A group testing might be a good thing to do to get people to C&I meetings or
a special time for a Scribal Table at an event. What think ye?

I actually have in my own studio library, several 3-inch thick ringbinders
with my tests of various colors, how various handground colors come out
(grainy vs. smooth), binders, papers, inks, fixative sprays, techniques, pen
widths and which inks work best with which, etc.

Bear in mind this has taken me years, but you can make reference ringbinders
for your own library. You just have to start *right now* and be exact in
writing down brand names our sources of the medium, the surface (usually
paper type and manufacturere), and the tool--including its composition,
size, and characteristics (flexible, stiff, treatments, reservoired, hair
type, kind of reed, etc.).

Add a page with whatever you are using for a current project. It will add up
after a while.

Best of luck, and may your library always increase...   ;-)


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> I have a ceramic pan of "Japanese Gold" which is wonderful to work with
> also.  It is hard to find but the color is much closer to gold leaf than
> the Winsor Newton.  As a matter of fact, it makes the Winsor Newton look
> almost like copper.
> Nuala
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>> They are also very friendly, helpful, and if you teach any SCA
>> classes, they count that as "teaching", and you get their teacher's
>> discount.
>> Claryce
>> > BTW, if you go to Elfsea, the Asel arts there are quite good.
>> Nice store.
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