[Scriptoris] Illuminated Bible

lizdenpeters@juno.com lizdenpeters at juno.com
Thu Apr 8 09:33:18 PDT 2004

Caught this on PBS this evening (just barely!).  When it repeats, I plan
to record it as it was really a neat documentary.  Details regarding the
program from the PBS web site and the web site (looks to me like a work
in progress) for the project itself are listed below.


Illuminated Bible CC 
Amid the rolling hills of England's Monmouthshire, a team of artists are
undertaking a seven-year task to handwrite and illuminate a new Bible,
commissioned by the Benedictine monks of St John's Abbey in Minnesota.
The monks chose the creation of the Bible as their means of commemorating
the Millennium, and want the work to be accessible to all faiths. "The
Illuminated Bible" tells the story of this remarkable four million dollar
project which is the first of its kind in 500 years. Donald Jackson, a
professional calligrapher and illuminator for 40 years (illumination is
defined as "the play of light on gold"), is at the helm of this project. 

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