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Sorry this is so long, but....it was just too good to let go by:

If you all saw the program discussed below, you also might have noted a
commenter by the name of Christopher de Hamel. He is Fellow Librarian of
Corpus Christi College, Cambridge in England. He has also been known as
Sotheby's specialist of illuminated manuscripts for twenty-five years. His
books include "A History of Illuminated Manuscripts" and "The Book, A
History of the Bible," as well as the new edition and translation of the
Petersborough Bestiary.

De Hamel is *coming here*! He is to give a "free and open to the public"
lecture at SMU's Bridwell Library on Friday, April 16 at 4:00 PM. The
lecture is titled "Why Elephants Cannot Lie Down: Medieval Bestiaries and
their Purpose."

Check more info on the Bestiaries talk at

The liason name is given as Dennis Maust and the number is 214-768-4293.

The Bridwell (and that is the real spelling) Library is on the west side of
Southern Methodist Univ. campus, 6005 Bishop Blvd. The room is #Blue Room.

Parking is in a two story red brick building south and east of Bridwell.
There have been times when I had to go by the police station and get a
permit. You might want to check on what is needed this time if you plan to

Parking on the campus grounds is almost non-existent if you are not a
student, faculty or whatnot. Trust me on this one! You *will* want to park
in the building.
Alert: merchants across the street (Hillcrest) are more than a little fussy
about non-customers using retail parking for SMU events.  :-6

I am given to understand there might be a reception after the lecture.

Hope to see you there....

Lete Bithespring, Steppes

PS. On a personal note: I was in the first class Donald Jackson taught at
St. John's (Lettering and Gilding) and of the present group of calligraphers
working on the StJB, the calligrapher mentioned by name in the documentary,
Thomas Ingmire, is an acquaintance and also a former teacher of mine.

All this dates from the late 1970's and early '80's. Lord, I sometimes am
brought to realize just how ancient I really am! Dear, dear, dear....  ;-)

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> --- lizdenpeters at juno.com wrote:
>> Caught this on PBS this evening (just barely!).  When it repeats, I plan
>> to record it as it was really a neat documentary.

>>Illuminated Bible CC
>>Amid the rolling hills of England's Monmouthshire, a team of artists are
>>undertaking a seven-year task to handwrite and illuminate a new Bible,
>>commissioned by the Benedictine monks of St John's Abbey in Minnesota.
>>The monks chose the creation of the Bible as their means of commemorating
>>the Millennium, and want the work to be accessible to all faiths. "The
>>Illuminated Bible" tells the story of this remarkable four million dollar
>>project which is the first of its kind in 500 years. Donald Jackson, a
>>professional calligrapher and illuminator for 40 years (illumination is
>>defined as "the play of light on gold"), is at the helm of this project.
>> YIS,
>> Nuala
>> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Can you advise what PBS program the documentary of the St. John's Bible was
> Was it Nova?  or another show...
> Thanks, Hillary 

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