[Scriptoris] Star Signet Internal Letter of Excuses and re-runs

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Wed Apr 21 19:55:28 PDT 2004

Star Signet Internal Letter of Excuses and re-runs
1st Quarter 2004 
star_signet at ansteorra.org

Unto the Ansteorran College of Scribes and Illuminors, Star Principal Herald, any one silly enough to stumble accros this document of their own free will, as well as to those bound and forced to read it as torture, does Darius of the Bells Star Signet send warm greetings. Welcome to the first Star Signet Internal Letter of Excuses and re-runs or ILoER for short. I will likley be doing something like this about once a quarter. or maybe more depens on how much I think I can really get awway with or how much my regionals and deputies send me to put in something like this. (OK, blame the heralds,It's there fualt. I was one for so long I couldn't go with out my acronyms any longer. its infectious I tell yah... if I start writeing a bood called the "Rules for Illumination" smack me and remind me I am not Byzantine)

Meeting at Crown Tournament
As of one week ago I will not be attending...

As of Last Night I might be attending....

But then again I still might not be.....

If I am there there, I will be available for an informal gathering of Scribes and Illuminors who wish to talk shop, If not.. talk amoungst yourselves......I'll give you a topic "A scroll is by definition something you intend to roll up" discuss....

Either way I will be available at Steppes Warlord 

(Really it's the heralds fault Star Principal made me do it yah yah that's my story!)

Scribes who make me look good as Star Signet
Congratulations to:

Mistress Ari for her Elevation to the Order of the Laurel
Mistress Sara for her Elevation to the Order of the Pelican
Mistress Serena for ehr impending elevation to the order of the Pelican

Horay Horay!!!!

(Ok I only wish I could take credit for this but they earned these accolades, Jolly good Show and all that)

Scribes who are moving away (no fair!)
Sadly we must bid fond Farewell to Ari and Mahee who are moving on to enrich other kingdoms as they have enriched our lives here in Ansteorra.

(Don't shoot the mesenger, I don't want them to leave either)

The Scribes Handbook
Still Chasing down a few Releases it should be any time now.... no really any time now. 

Additionally upon investigation it apears that the title for the editor in charge of the Heralds Handbook (Fororynel) apparently means the Morning Star. Not to be out done I shall investigate the feasability of "Titivelious Scribe" for our Handbook editor. 

(you guessed it Star Principal again... gee it's nice to have an upline to blame for this stuff)

New Charters and Paper
Happily I can report that there are new charters being produced I know of at least two individuals working on an Illusionary Cyrilic script to do Russian Pages and make them look right. Additionally I will be shortly re introducing masters for the Charters designed by mistress Stacia... just as soon as I get off my tookus and finish making the new masters of them. 

(hmmm I am sure I can blame my delay on some one... ah well maybee tomorrow)

Kings college/AH&SS/Laurels Prize Tourney
Educational events coming up! Volunteer early volunteer Often we need teacher for both Kings College and AH&SS. To volunteer for kings college visit the Kings college web page http://www.ansteorra.org/regnum/minister_as/MOASKingsCollege_Main.htm. 

To Volunteer for AH&SS contact me directly with the following:

Name of Teacher
Name of Class
Time  needed
Fee's and materials required (if any)
Class Size Limitations
A brief description of the content of the class.
Emergency contact in case of invasion by Norsemen bearing turnips

At LPT this fall there will be at least two special prizes given for C&I work. One for the best PERIOD C&I project and one for the best Adaptation of book of hours Illumination for SCA Purposes.The winners of these prizes will each recieve a spiff broach a basket of goodies, and the oportunity to be the first Featured Artists on the Kingdom Scribes Web Page

(OK in this case the fumes from an over heated Laurel Wreath made me do it, darn toxic plants)

I do remain in Sevice to Crown Kingdom and the College 
Darius of  the Bells, Ol
Star Signet


(no really it is all Etienne's fault, he is my upline! I report to him! I mean he's named after a plant... who takes their name from a plant??.. Oh Wait.. Rosalia....that's rather plant like .. I didn't mean you dear... It's Star Principals fault! That's my Story and I am sticking to it.. maybe I should stop typing now)

((Disclaimer: If it's good I guess I can take the blame.. I mean being Star Principal is a hard job no need to lump every thing on his shoulders))

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