[Scriptoris] Re: Scriptoris Digest, Vol 11, Issue 9

Martha A. Compton macpob1 at airmail.net
Thu Apr 22 16:44:59 PDT 2004

Master Darius,

May I assume that you will be attending the Scribe's Tea Sunday afternoon at Steppes Warlord?  I do hope so, as I would encourage everyone to attend and enjoy the late afternoon together.


> Unto the Ansteorran College of Scribes and Illuminors,


> Meeting at Crown Tournament
> As of one week ago I will not be attending...
> As of Last Night I might be attending....
> But then again I still might not be.....
> If I am there there, I will be available for an informal gathering of Scribes and Illuminors who wish to talk shop, If not.. talk amoungst yourselves......I'll give you a topic "A scroll is by definition something you intend to roll up" discuss....
> Either way I will be available at Steppes Warlord


Alis volat propriis - She flies with her own wings.

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