[Scriptoris] Scribal Historian job duties

Elaine Crittenden letebts at earthlink.net
Mon May 24 21:51:18 PDT 2004

My two farthings, as well...

Mistress Zinaida had excellent suggestions. I agree with them, but I would
hesitate to require certain papers,ink or paints, however. (Don't get me
started on golds!)

Point one: Products change.
I owned a calligraphy/supply shop for several years and was constantly met
with companies' being bought out and the line discontinued or the "recipe"'s
having been changed--even from big name companies.

After I closed the storefront, I took a national teacher of calligraphy's
mundane workshop and could not find an item of the required supplies. I
found out through my former connections that the product hadn't been made in
five years!

Point two: Products can be dangerous.
Requiring paints or inks to be made by the artist by Period methods could
generate problems in that a lot of the ingredients were toxic either through
ingesting their dust in the air or as contact poisons (entering through the

Another problem with Period paints or inks is that most
calligraphers/artists don't know how to make them or don't want to take the
time to research, find the ingredients and do it, or they live in a
environment where poisons are just too dangerous to have around (kids,

I have worked with such items in mundane workshops, where some ridiculed me
for wearing my face mask and rubber gloves to handle the more dangerous
items. A less self-sure person might have been intimidated into needlessly
exposing themselves to poisons.

(I say, include in one's SCA documentations that such-and-such was used in
Period, but today's (less- or non-toxic) products were substituted in the
interest of not only the safety of the artist, but anyone else who might
handle the artwork, uninformed of the toxicity aspect, now or later on.)

Just trying to show other aspects when considering setting up a list of
whats and what-nots...


> Archive any other official scroll requirements: scroll sizes,
> paper requirements, ink and paint requirements for achievement scrolls.
> Hopefully, this will not change much once it is recorded.
> Mistress Zinaida
> former Star Signet

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