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Hillary Greenslade hillaryrg at yahoo.com
Tue May 25 15:53:25 PDT 2004

--- Sue Long <Sue.Long at cs.oag.state.tx.us> wrote:
> Many good points Lete.
> Now that I think about it, I don't know that the Historian should be
> responsible for maintaining a list of "what's and what not's."  Isn't
> there a Scribal Handbook yet for those kinds of things?   <snip>  

Yep, the Scribal Handbook is done being edited, I'm just tracking down the various authors so I
can get their permissions, before we load their articles onto the website (such as yours 'Z'  :->)
I have a few who have fallen into the cracks, so am seeking addresses so I can mail forms to them,
as they no longer play.  

> I would also love to see some bios of some of the scribes who set the
> foundation for what has become such a high quality scriptorum - a page
> for each with personal photos, samples of their work, and a brief
> overview of their contributions to our scribal history.  Such a Rose and
> Geoff Cathan who tirelessly have held workshops, trained scribes, and
> set high standards for scrolls since before the office of Star Signet
> was created.  And that  Hillary what's-her-name, in Stargate.  There
> were numerous talented and dedicated people at the beginning, and I'm
> sure there have been many more in the 10-12 years since I have been
> active.  As Historian, you might set a goal of starting a project like
> that for others to complete in time.
> Aaaacccckkkkkk.  You are making me go through withdrawal for lack of
> ink stains on my fingers and paint in my hair.  (Don't get any bright
> ideas.)
> "Z"
Bio's? - gee, what a cool idea, and in this digital technology, might be nice to add their photos
with their bio (even an old one), so those who knew them when, can remember them fondly.   
Works for me.  

List of items to include in Bio: 
Scribal offices held and when: 
Major accomplishments: 
Favorite Calligraphy hand: 
Favorite Illumination style: 

Anything else to include? 

Hillary (still-looking-for-that-name)

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