[Scriptoris] ISO KWHS 1990 Proceedings

Claryce claryce at cox.net
Tue Jun 15 10:13:27 PDT 2004

Actually, I'm looking for the article on creating Arabic fonts that reads in English.  I've been refered to this particular article a couple of times, and told that it's in the 1990 proceedings.

Free Trumpet Press used to carry it, but they are no longer selling items.  The SCA Stock Clerk didn't have any idea what I was talking about.  I can't find any reference to it online, either.

I'm looking for as many different articles/lessons as possible so that I don't duplicate effort if someone has already done the work.  (Yes, I'm lazy that way!)

Feel free to forward this request to any person or list who might be able to help.

Mistress Claryce Rapheal Orfevre

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