[Scriptoris] Re: [Scribes] Calligraphy Quiz

Hillary Greenslade hillaryrg at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 17 10:15:11 PDT 2004

--- Cadell Blaidd du <owaru at myfamily.org> wrote:
> I came up Insular Majiscule, as well.  Which I find amusing, since that 
> was, in fact, the first hand I learned in the SCA, and continues to this 
> day to be my "go-to" hand.
> -Cadell
Insular Majuscule- You are spiritual and well rounded. People look to you for advice, but
sometimes find you difficult to understand. 

Hum,Ok, that is now four for Insular Majuscule (Hillary, Darius, Isaac and Cadell), we are going
to have to form a club or household... the Insular Majuscule's RULE!! 

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