[Scriptoris] Charter Painting Tables

isaacbane@att.net isaacbane at att.net
Thu Jun 17 11:07:13 PDT 2004

> So who is having charter painting tables at your events? 
Wiesenfeuer had a charter painting table at Academy of the Sword earlier this year and is planning on another at Wiesenfeuer Baronial, and possibly also one at our Yule Revel.  There was also a charter painting table at the unofficial event, Company of Wolves, earlier this year. I'm just really glad I brought the big box of stuff and enough charters for everyone.  

> What can I do as Signet to help people doing charter tables? 
I'll have to think on that. 

> Do you want to have a charter painting table at your event but don't have time 
> to do it yourself, and of course who wants to help out at these events? 
I would be happy to help out at any event that I'm at.


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