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Diane Rudin serena1570 at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 9 15:24:56 PDT 2004

<delurking>  Serena here; Sara wrote:

> There's no specific person responsible for the
> creation of scrolls for ceremonial honors, which would
> include all the things you listed, as well as stuff
> like King's Lancer and Kingdom Bard.

There is, however, a person in charge of writing the *texts* for said
commemoratives, and that is I.  
> Scrolls usually happen for these types of honors only
> if the Crown or a member of the appropriate community
> (rapier, archery, whatever) remembers to commission
> one, or if some generous soul kindly volunteers to
> create one. Often, there isn't a scroll at all.

Nor does there *have* to be one.
> Texts for many of the traditional ceremonial honors
> can be found in the Award Texts document, but as far
> as I know, there isn't a text for the Queen's Hope.
> One could probably be easily adapted from one of the
> existing ceremonial honors texts, perhaps one of the
> children's champions texts. 

One is being created, as the texts currently are under revision, since so many
things have been added since the texts were last updated in 1999, Queen's Hope
being one of them.
> If you're interested in creating a scroll for a
> ceremonial honor, I'd suggest contacting the Crown or
> the Sable Scroll to try to make sure that one isn't
> already in the works. If one isn't, no doubt an offer
> of assistance would be very much appreciated!

...and contacting me to get the text.

I will see if my contact information can be added to the links for text

--Serena, Blanc Gryffon Herald
Deputy in charge of creating and maintaining official awards and honors texts
for the Kingdom of Ansteorra

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