[Scriptoris] Drawing boards

Hillary Greenslade hillaryrg at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 7 11:05:48 PDT 2004

--- Lady Eibhlin <ladyeibhlin at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hillary,
> I went looking for a lapboard for calligraphy today at Hobby Lobby.  They didn't know what I was
> talking about.  I know Texas Art Supply has them, but they are way across town.  Do you know
> where to get them on the west side?
> Eibhlin

Ah, terms... ask for a 'drawing board'.   It's often where the art paper and paints are.  
The one I recommend is a STAEDTLER Wooden Drawing Board, see on this Michaels site at: 
(Hobby Lobby should also have them, but I couldn't find it online.)

There are several sizes, I like the 18 x 24 inch (couldn't find a stock#). This size seems to be 
good for most papers we in the SCA use.  Also, make sure you get the one with a metal edge on the
sides, as you can use it well with a t-square ruler (also good to buy, make sure it's at least as
long as 24", so you can draw lines across your paper laying on your board.) 

The STAEDTLER Wooden Drawing Board is a soft board to take the impression of drawing lines, but if
you draw too heavy you will leave impressions in the wood that are picked up on other papers... so
I always use a pad of extra paper of 2-3 sheets under the one I'm working on to protect my board;
and will use drafting tape (like masking tape but less sticky so it removes cleanly), to secure my
'pad' on the board.   I place the drawing board in my lap and rest it against a table, giving me a
near 45deg. angle.    

Hope that helps.

BTW - I'm going to have my calligraphy stuff out at Cour d'Amore this weekend, near Stargate, so
if you want to learn, get some bench tricks, or just practice; find me under the pavilion. 

Cheers, Hillary 

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