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Good Gentles,

I thought you might like to have an update on how HL Muireann is doing.

Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.


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Mureann is doing well, recovering from surgury on Sunday. She is still in
the hospital, but is at least now in a room.  The doctors are very
pleased with her recovery rate, and may actually send her home some time
in the first of the week.

Her lab test have come back, and the tissue they removed was cancerous. 
The doctors say they feel they it was very localized and they got all of
it, however as a precausion they have advised her to under-go some
further treatment.  They are saying that cancer found at this early stage
is treatable and that her prognossis is good.

Since it is likely that Muireann will be home before any addtional mail
gets to her, please use the home address (I'll put it at the end of
this.)  If she is not yet home Julliana will bring it to the hospital.

Although she is getting better all the time, please remember that she has
just undergone major surgury.  If you are visting or talking on the phone
and she asks you to cut it short know that it is not that she does not
appreciate your concern, but that she's tired and needs to go.

Muireann asked me to thank everyone for their thoughts and kind workds.
She very much appreciates all of you.


Martha Compton
2311 Homeway
Dallas, TX 75228-4939



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