[Scriptoris] Star Signet and Eclipse Herald Deadlines

Etienne de St. Amaranth star at ansteorra.org
Sat Dec 4 06:18:43 PST 2004

The following was posted in the latest Ansteorran Gazette.  I am web 
posting this as well and it will appear in the January Black Star.

Concerning the deadline for Eclipse Herald and Star Signet.  When Master 
Darius first posted his office as open, he set a deadline of December 
31.  For some reason, I confused that with another date and publicized apps 
as due on December 15.  I set Eclipse to the same date for 
convenience.  The accidental date change has caused a little confusion 
though I would certainly honor any honest mistake.  In looking at the 
calendar, I can hold off on the application deadline a little bit so I am 
pushing the deadline for Star Signet and Eclipse both back to January 
7.  That is applications received IN MY HANDS by January 7 (Friday of 
Steppes 12th Night).  I would like to conclude any interviews no later than 
the following Monday for both offices so I can announce the new officers 
before Coronation.

If you are considering applying, please direct any questions to the current 
office holders or myself.  Applications for both go to the current office 
holder and myself.

Star Principal Herald

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