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More information---
For those of you who want to look, there is a book on the subject:

Renaissance Handwriting: An Anthology of Italic Scripts
Alfred Fairbank and Berthold Wolpe
Faber and Faber Limited, 24 Russell Square, London
Copyright 1960
(Originally published by
The University Press, Oxford by Vivian Ridler, Printer to the Univ.)

To give you an idea of pricing:
(Florida source) 11/26/2002--$75.00

It has 96 black and white plates (1-88b. are within SCA Period, the others
in an Italic revival) with 104 pages of introductory comments on lettering
characteristics, notes on the individual plates, bibliography and index.

Most of the big names are in it, including Poggio, Niccoli, Sanvito,
Roger Ascham (taught Henry VIII's kids, and a very nice italic hand that
Elizabeth kid had, at that!), Cataneo, Arrighi (my calligraphic heartthrob!
God curse Charles and his 1527 slaughtering of my honeybun in Rome!),
Tagliente :-6 (stupid, over-the-top lace-maker, even if his book *did* go to
33 printings! No accounting for taste...), Fanti, Ruano (that "anal"
analyzer of lovely letterforms!), Palatino (yeah), Mercator, Neff,
Vespasiano Amphiareo (guess who?), Juan de Yciar (that cutie!), Lucas, Brun
(just out of Period, but noteworthy), Cresci (who started all that pointed
pen stuff the Victorians had a field day with, and who had a sneering,
stereotyping contempt of creative mentality in lower classes), Hercolani, de
Beauchesne, and a host of historically-noted nobles and royalty who weren't
actually writing masters.

On another day and to any inquiries, I can list a book on the masters of the
Italic hand that has copy-and-paste pages cataloging of each letter of the
alphabet as each master for a couple of hundred years did 'em. Does that
make sense? What I mean is that a single page has, say, the lower case "b"
as each of the masters wrote it, or the capital "N," etc., so you can see
the progression in time and the individual personalities' effect on letter

Jes' tryin' ta be he'pful...
Lete Bithespring
Elaine Crittenden/Calligraphy Heaven, Dallas

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> Forwarding from a kingdom post.  Interesting!
> Cheers, Hillary / Ansteorra
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>>  Greetings!-
>>             Insomnia sometimes turns up some wonderful
>> websites. This one has to do with palaeography in the
>> english rennaisance.
>> http://www.english.cam.ac.uk/ceres/ehoc/
>> Thought I'd share it with everyone. For those of you
>> who are into caliigraphy it isn't exactly calligraphy
>> or illumination but it does have a lot of images
>> scanned directly from period documents.
>>                                  -Xanthe
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