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The "glossing" stuff is all over the place! I am sure you'll find it in no

I have even seen manuscript pages where "workers" were hoisting a couple of
words from the scene at the page's bottom margin up to the area where the
scribe absently left them out. There was another "worker" halfway up the
page motioning to the area where the "hoisted" letters were to finally be
inserted. There are all sorts of versions of that amusing little goodie
throughout the books on illumination, too.

(Had some mischevious illuminer had been hitting the sacramental wine on the

Some of that drollery stuff can have an exhausted scribe laughing
hysterically while rolling under the light table. I have! ;-D


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> Oh, that is a great idea Lete!
> How about it Etienne, do you think they would go for that?
> One of the books I have talks about this being done in period, the writing
> along the margins, between the lines, etc. Great book ... wish I could
> locate it right now to quote it directly.
> (snip)
> «·.·*¨`·? Chiara ?·´¨*·.·»

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> : What about using a Period technique called "glossing" in which scribes and
> : scholars wrote their own notes or explanations in between the lines of the
> : selected text?
> :
> : Lete Bts. (still jes' tryin' ta be he'pful...)
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