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Elaine Crittenden letebts at earthlink.net
Sat Feb 12 04:37:51 PST 2005

Good quote, Ari! It's an excellent prayer...

One of my favorites is in a book in Dublin and has to do with a freezing
monk who said something to the equivalent of:
"It is so cold I can hardly hold my pen, but God be praised for this cold
weather and the storm, because on days like these, the Vikings don't raid!"
(Still being thankful and looking for good in the midst of discomfort and
apprehensive fear... an awesome, enviable attribute to that man!)

Anyone got the sarcastic, acidly-snobbish Cresci (1500's) quote (not a
gloss) that poor children who are fed buckwheat and garlic (blah, blah,
blah) don't have the good sense to even learn how to write and shouldn't
even aspire to it? I seem to have lost it somewhere. :-(

HL Lete Bithespring
Steppes, Ansteorra

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> Actually may all time favorite margine note was by an Irish monk.
> Translated it reads
> "May God increase sense for those who desire to write."
> Sortof says it all after hours copying script.
> M. Ari
> Atenveldt

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