[Scriptoris] Telling white from white

Elaine Crittenden letebts at earthlink.net
Tue Apr 12 19:54:36 PDT 2005

A solicitation for information from the wise council of the amassed gentles
(and lurkers) from Lete Bithespring...

I would like to get some things straight in my notes about the different
modern whites that are out there.

1. I had some delightful white for reproduction corrections called "Inkable
White." I now understand it is no longer made. Augh! What do you all use and

2. Which whites do you find are more a true white; which have a yellowish
tinge, or some other "flavor"; which stay white over a period of time?

3. I know that Flake White is made with lead, is poisonous on contact and
cumulative in the body system and not "a good thing" to have in the studio,
much less to actually use on someone's award. Guess there are no questions
from me on this one...

4. Is Winsor-Newton's "Permanent White" actually Titanium White? None of my
books will say "yea" or "nay" on the subject.

5. Which is the "good" white to use for mixing (without having the colored
pigment's permanency rating plummet) and which is the white for using alone
(the one that is damaging to permanency ratings)--"Permanent White" or "Zinc

I seem to remember about 10 years ago that W-N put out fliers in a series
that discussed just this question. Heaven knows where I stored my set after
my storefront closed, or I wouldn't be wasting pixels on what some would
consider frivolous questions.  ;-)

Any help or further discussion on whites will be more than helpful at this

Thanks in advance.

Lete Bithespring--Steppes, Ansteorra (Dallas TX)

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