[Scriptoris] Need help -- not too proud to beg

Tamberlin tamberlinofnk at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 12 11:10:29 PDT 2005

I've been con'd ---- err volunteered to teach a basic
illumination class at Winterkindgom this year.  The
problem is this is my first time teaching a class and
I don't have any handouts etc prep'd for the fledgling
painters.  If anyone can send me some basic stuff or
point me in the right direction to get them off the
web or something I'd appreciate it.  I've still got
some of mine from back when but they're hardly in any
condition the go through the copier now.  This is
going to be illumination only no calligraphy and only
the really basic stuff for people debating on picking
up their first anstorrian scroll to send up the chain.
 I could also use some blanks to hand out to the class
if anybody knows where I can get some :)

Thanks in advance and wish me luck.

Oh & I'm willing to bet that if any of you calligraphy
types would be willing to teach a calligraphy 101 the
autocrats wouldn't mind the offer at all :) (memories
of turning in pages & pages & pages of nothing but
lines in school still haunt my dreams)

Lady Cunovinda ingen Choinnich
aka Tamberlin
Northkeep, Ansteorra

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