[Scriptoris] Re: All the talk and traffic about KHS schedule

Doug Bell debell1 at txcyber.com
Wed Aug 10 21:21:28 PDT 2005

Let me make a few announcements about the schedule of classes for Kingdom
Heraldic and Scribal Symposium August 20th.

I am not "a little behind" on the schedule as some posters have indicated.  

The master schedule for classes is scheduled to be put on the lists and web
site this Friday for both Heraldic and Scribal.  It will include the best
information we have on the class, the times and rooms they are assigned to,
names and titles of teachers.

If there is an empty time slot that you would like to teach in indicated on
the final schedule please email me AFTER you read the schedule.

Any schedule posted by others is not up to date or official and will be ignored.

Email concerning the class schedule sent to me BEFORE it is posted will be
ignored.  If I spend what little time the electrical storms permit me to
work on the computer answering such mail the schedule will not get out on

In other words read the posted schedule.  Then if there an adjustment,
deletion, or addition needed please send me a message and we will include it
in the printed schedule.

The schedules only need proofreading and posting to kingdom officers for a
look see.

Thank you for your interest.  Your anticipation will be answered Friday.

Class coordinator for KHS

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