[Scriptoris] Oh, how I *LOOOVE* Yard Sales!!

Zubeydah Jamilla al-Badawiyya zubeydah at northkeep.org
Sat Aug 20 10:00:00 PDT 2005

yesterday, on a whim, an inner prompting, I stopped by a yard sale in the neighborhood. I'd been poking around for almost 15 minutes, looking at this and that. Some neat stuff, but nothing I was really anxious to whip my wallet out for.

Then I saw it. An oversized book sticking out from the bottom of the pile. Title in french.

Pulled it out.

"Les Grandes Heures de Jean de France, Duc de Berry".

It's a massive text, easily 12 x 17, with over 100 color plates of the Grande Heures....  Yes, it's got a heavy amount of water damage, but so much of it is still readable and legible!

And I got it for $5.00..... 

Zubeydah, who is chortling madly, happily petting her new book.

PS: Halfiras, I also grabbed some waterbearing stuff, and a cool celtic throw like the one I bought at Estrella for $20... but this one was $2.00! whee!

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