[Scriptoris] Ansteorran Award Scroll Amnesty Program

Hillary Greenslade hillaryrg at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 30 11:51:18 PDT 2005

Ansteorran Award Scroll Amnesty Program! 
For those pesky unpainted award scrolls that have been imprisoned in your closets and under your
beds; scrolls that you always intended to paint for the kingdom, but their incarseration has been
going on a *year or more* - now is the time for Amnesty!!   
Free those award scrolls and their brothers so they may live the life they were intended! 

Seriously, if you accepted unpainted Ansteorran award scrolls with good intentions of painting
them, but haven't gotten to it (real life happens)... please consider returning the scrolls back
into your local scribes guild or regional scribe so that others may have the chance to paint them.
  No questions asked, no blame laid.  Scrolls will be available in future when you have time to
paint again.   It is also possible that scrolls stored for over a year have been discontinued, so
painting them maybe a waste of your time and expense. 

Crown's of Ansteorra present an average of 300-400 awards per reign; many painted scrolls are
needed.  Printing award scrolls only to have them sit unpainted is an expense the kingdom cannot
afford.  If this request motivates you to pull out those scrolls and get them painted and turned
in, so much the better (though check with your regional scribe to confirm yours are active
scrolls)!   (Note: If you are an active scribal painter, this message is not intended for you.)

Feel free to contact me if any questions.  
In service, Hillary Greenslade 
Star Signet 

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