[Scriptoris] Wordfame from Namron Protectorate

Hillary Greenslade hillaryrg at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 20 17:10:59 PDT 2005

I had a lot of fun getting to chat with the northern scribes this weekend, and while it was a long
trip (7+ hours) and a bit costly on my gas tank ($100+ ), it was well worth it!  I also really
appreciate the scribes taking the extra time to visit with me and chat about kingdom scribal
happenings.  Additionally, they got to be the first to review some potential new paper choices for
award choices (testing this week, decisions to regionals soon), and analyse some new charter
designs; as well as laugh/oh/ah over some retired ancient charter scrolls I pulled from the

During evening court, two scribes were honored with kingdom recognition: 
Danielle  - Sable Thistle in Calligraphy and Illumination
(don't know if I got this lady's name right, but I believe I saw the lovely scroll she did as a
Annais de Montgomerie - Iris of Merit for her arts, including work with the 'Abbey' scriptorium.
Vivat to you both (and apologies if I got the names wrong).  

Keep Scribbling!
Hillary Greenslade, Star Signet

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