[Scriptoris] some scroll text from Gleann Abhann

Hillary Greenslade hillaryrg at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 20 17:33:41 PDT 2005

Greetings Scribes of Ansteorra, 
In order to aide our newest Kingdom and neighbors of Gleann Abhann, 
and with consideration for the recent disasters in those regions, 
I asked their Signet scribe officer for information on creating 
scrolls to assist them with getting a head start.   

Lady Sybil, Topaz Signet, is dealing with a dead computer, so her 
deputy, Mistress Jennet, has sent us some scroll texts for our consideration.  
I don't know what size these scrolls are, though I'm guessing the three 
lower awards are AoA level or non-armigerous, so perhaps 8.5 x 11 size, 
with the Grant level award at 11x14 size.  It also appears that their 
scrolls require a seal, again, I don't know what dimensions.  

I have heard that some scribes in Ansteorra are working on some scrolls 
for Gleann Abhann, and if so please keep me posted on any numbers passed 
along to them.  If any are interested in producing an original scroll
using the texts below, also, please keep me posted.   

Jennet for Gleann Abhann did state that the kingdom intends to use a 
blend of original and pre-print scrolls.  If any scribes plan to attend 
the Gleann Abhann Coronation in November, please let me know, as I may 
have a small project for you.  

Keep Scribling! 
Hillary Greenslade, Star Signet 

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> The Order of the Aries - grant level fighting award
> We, the Sovereign and Consort of Gleann Abhann,
> wish to recognize those that have enriched our
> Kingdom by their dedication to Prowess and
> Pageantry of the Tournament. We wish to
> acknowledge this effort by our subject
> (Recipient's name), who has displayed
> considerable presence and skill on the field
> of the Tournament, and has shared [his/her]
> knowledge with others. We therefore command that
> (Recipient's name) be added to the rolls of
> Our Order of The Order of The Aries,
> and introduce this worthy person to the other
> notable companions of this Order.
> Signed by Our Hands this (number) day of
> (month) Anno Societatis (Society Year),
> being (Year) Gregorian
> Sovereign       Consort
> The Order of the Arrow and Bolt
> It is Our Royal Will that those who have benefited the Kingdom of Gleann
> Abhann, though excellence in the arts of the bow, the javelin, and the axe,
> shall be recognized for their achievements. To this end do We name
> (Recipient's name ) to the Order of the Arrow and Bolt . To this We set Our
> Hands and Seals this (number) day of (month) Anno Societatis (Society year),
> being (year) Gregorian.
> X_Sovereign X_Consort
> Silver Ram
> It is the artisans in these Current Middle Ages who create bright and
> splendid images of times long ago. Their skills give beauty and glory
> to the Kingdom and to the Society. The talents and skills of
> ____________________________  have advanced the excellence in the Arts
> and Sciences in Gleann Abhann, therefore, We wish to name this talented
> gentle a member of the Silver Ram.  We find such endeavors to create
> wondrous works a praiseworthy pursuit. Done this  ____ day of  _____,
> Anno Societatis _________, being  _____ Gregorian.
> The Order of the Queen’s Blade
> The arte of defense requires virtue on the field with finesse, grace and
> skill.   Those who lead by example while sharing and teaching their
> knowledge with others are worthy of the highest regard.  (Recipient's name)
> has shown these outstanding rapier accomplishments and has freely imparted
> that knowledge to others and so is awarded the Order of the Queen’s Blade.
> By Our prerogative We hereto set Our Hand and Seal, this (number) day of
> (month) Anno Societatis (Society year), being (year) Gregorian.

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