[Scriptoris] Need description of the Sable Talon badge

Jennifer Smith jds at randomgang.com
Sat Oct 22 13:11:28 PDT 2005

Jayme caught me goofing this one up, so below are my corrections: 

I wrote:
> Yyyess... The name and badge of the "Award of the Sable 
> Talon" were both
> pended for further discussion in the July 2005 LoAR, 
> published October 7,
> 2005. The details why are gory, technical, and mostly 
> irrelevant. Suffice to
> say Star and I are working on a letter of appeal to get it 
> registered sooner
> than the February 2006 meeting, as it's currently scheduled.

I ACTUALLY meant the "Order of the Arc d'Or of Ansteorra" award here.  Sigh.
The "Award of the Sable Talon" name and badge were sent to Laurel on our May
2005 LoI, which means it should have been considered for the September
meeting; however, due to proofreading and whatnot, the results of that
meeting will not be published for another month or two. Notice how the
results of the July meeting were just printed a couple of weeks ago...


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