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Wed Oct 26 17:47:44 PDT 2005

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, Ciard... but I have a cold (sniff) and I'm running a
bit slow.  I'll post my responses to your queries below.   

--- Ciard49 at aol.com wrote:
> Mistress Hillary, 
> Does no one in Gleann Abhainn have any scroll blanks they could send you  
> copies of?
> I happen to have ones for the Garnet Chalice and the Ram's Heart (which I  
> designed).

I do not currently have scroll blanks from Gleann Abhainn to paint, as Jennette has not sent me
any, I think she is a bit pre-occupied with their Coronation to deal with it.  But, I have asked
her for some, and if she is able, hope to have some sent back to Ansteorra by courier, after the
Gleann Abhainn Coronation.  
> Meridian Kingdom level awards must have room for three 2 inch  seals.  
> The Ram's Heart has two seals, but this was for Prince and Princess. I do  
> not know if GA will use 3 seals or not.

Many new kingdoms seem to take their standards from their parent kingdom, so the use of seals was
not much surprize since Meridies uses them.  Jennet said Gleann Abhann will likely use three seals
(King, Queen, Herald), but they have not yet been designed/made and as such she did not know how
large they would be in the end.  So, I figure if anyone makes an original scroll just leave a
large tail end for seal space and signatures, and Gleann Abhann can fill it in as needed. 
> Mistress Jennet of Tewksbury and I were in the same group and I know her  
> well.

Great lady that Jennet, I've enjoyed getting to know all the gals from Gulf Wars and the insane
Scribes building a lot over the years... Jennet (Deputy Signet), Sybil (Topaz Signet) and of
course, Isabel the Insane (or was it crazed, either probably works).  :-)
> Do y'all know GA uses much heavier paper than Ansteorra for their  scrolls?

Jennet did not say when I asked her; so I suspect a standard paper has not yet been selected. 
Actually, Jennet asked me what paper we were using and I will send her the list of what has been
used in the past (70# text weight), the recent addition from the former Kingdom Chronicler (80#
cover stock), some papers I'm currently reviewing and the paper company we have in past purchased
paper from.  
> I lived in Gleann Abhainn for 20 years and found the SCA there (Baton  
> Rouge). I designed many scrolls for them.

Cool, once they get their standards together, you and others who once lived there will be a great
asset in helping Ansteorra help Gleann Abhann come up to speed quickly for their kingdom - you
guys can be my interpreter of kingdom differences when needed.  
> Ciard O'Seachnasaigh
> MOAS Barony of the Steppes. 
Scribes, I think I have mentioned it before on some earlier posts; but it would be a great gesture
and a cool thing to do, if Ansteorran scribes can paint up a number of pre-print scrolls (designed
by or for Gleann Abhann with their texts), and perhaps throw in a few original scrolls - as a gift
to Gleann Abhann at this next March's Gulf Wars. 

I previously posted a few texts for use in original scrolls, provided by Mistress Jennet, and once
I get some pre-print 'masters' from my courier to Gleann Abhann's Coronation, I plan to have a
paint party to get some of these painted up and ready for our gift at Gulf Wars.  Way to go guys
for your enthusiasm on this project from those who have offered to assist.  

Scribes Rule!  (and measure and space and line and ....)
Hillary Greenslade 

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