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Gang, here is some preliminary information about next year's Knowne World and Heraldic Sympsosium
to be held in Caid.  I am planning to take in all the workshops and tours, so if anyone's up for
hotel sharing, start saving your pennies now - this is one for the scribes not to be missed!! 
Cheers, Hillary

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> Since someone asked me privately about the dates, I thought I'd post
> them here publicly so if you're thinking about it, you can make plans.
> The Known World Heraldic & Scribal Symposium for 2007 will be held at
> the LAX Crowne Plaza hotel on June 15-17.  
> We are also going to host a workshop with Sylvana Barrett on the morning
> of June 14 and 15, one of the Getty's "artist in residence" on the
> painting techniques of Renaissance illumination, ala Jean Bourdichon.
> The focus will be achieving a better finished look for miniatures and
> should be in the intermediate skill level.  The workshop will be an
> extra charge (probably in the $100 range but we haven't established a
> final price yet).  If you want to take the workshop, plan on coming in
> on Wednesday.  There is a free shuttle from Los Angeles International
> airport to the hotel.  
> Friday afternoon after the workshop we will go the Getty Museum in
> Brentwood to view the current manuscript exhibit as well as anything
> else our heart desires up there.  The museum is open until 9:00PM on
> Friday, so we can stay as long as we want.  We don't have firm plans for
> Thursday afternoon yet, but a trip to the Getty Villa or the Huntington
> Library are definite possibilities, or a trip to the garment district
> fabric stores.
> I'm also hoping to persuade Master Ranthulfr out here for a class or
> two, but we're still working on that.
> I don't have  particulars on how much rooms will cost yet since I think
> we're still negotiating with the hotel, but once I have that information
> I'll post it here.
> If someone could pass this on to the Yahoo group as well, I'd appreciate
> it - I subscribe there under my home address so I can't post directly to
> it from here.
> Tetchubah
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