[Scriptoris] About buying books

Velvet Claw a_velvet_claw at yahoo.com.au
Tue Jan 31 13:36:42 PST 2006

Dear Scribes,

  I thought I'd add this in, in addition to my mail yesterday, to save multiple explanations.

  Firstly, there are very few of the books that I'm after that are available in Australian libraries for me to check out before buying them. There simply isn't the demand. So even inter-library loan is out. I've borrowed what I can extensively through the inter library loan system.
  I might have better luck by physically going to the State library, and there is also the option of searching second hand book shops.
(Remainder shops aren't such a good source, since I'd be lucky to find any of what I want because of the general availablity of these sort of books here!)

   However (and please forgive me for sounding pitiful, but this is going to save me a bit of typing) - I'm a bit housebound. I only leave the flat once or twice a fortnight at most, usually with a carer. I go to the local market to get my fresh fruit and vegies, fish and other fresh yummies, and the other shorter trip that I can manage is either to the doctor's or to pop up to the local post office/shops.

   So, between the limited availability of these books in Australia in general (both through the library and in second hand book stores - although I'm doing searches on those, believe me! But they tend to price their copies high, because of their rariety value!), and my inability to do any of this in person, I am actually trying to do this all on-line.

    If any Australian scribes feel that I'm incorrect in what I'm saying, please feel very very free to correct me. I'm a bit hidden away where I am!

   Again, sorry for the personal stuff - but I thought it might help explain why I'm approaching this book buying task in this way, and provide a blanket explanation!

May your day be lovely,

Megan (velvet claw)

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