[Scriptoris] handouts of diapering techniques & designs

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i would love this if you could copy me please

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at this weekend's red tape event in the Province of Mooneschadowe, I offered
create a handout sheet based on my web page that has a bunch of diapering
techniques, for use and distribution to new scribes.

Anya said it would be useful for the groups she teaches in the North, many
who often have zero art background.

Would anyone else find this useful?

I should have it completed in a few days.  It's 3-4 pages of full color
graphics, with simple step by step directions. (It's pretty much done, I
need to go back and pull all my references: Ie, this pattern can be found in
this book, in this work, from this period.)

In guachey service,


PS: I also have two page updates ready for the scribal website (it was a
productive day, yesterday: list of officers, and list of which group has
scribal meeting where), but need to get with the server admin on how to get
them loaded.

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