[Scriptoris] Fifteenth Century English Patents of Arms webpage

Diane Rudin serena1570 at yahoo.com
Wed May 17 16:01:28 PDT 2006

Cool site!  Thanks for finding it!

Keep in mind that these are the equivalent of what we in the SCA call
"Achievement scrolls", not what we in the SCA erroneously refer to as
"grants of arms" and "patents of arms".

I've always said, as far back as I can remember, that "achievement
scrolls" were illuminated.  However, the illumination follows
specific guidelines of content and layout, which vary over time.


--- Hillary Greenslade <hillaryrg at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Forwarded from another list, this webpage article or perhaps class
> paper, 
> includes the transcribed text of and images of 15th century English
> Patents of 
> arms. I was amused by how many of these examplars were highly
> illuminated and with pigments and gold.  
> http://verysleepy.itgo.com/grants.htm

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