[Scriptoris] scribal website update

zubeydah at northkeep.org zubeydah at northkeep.org
Fri Apr 20 06:58:06 PDT 2007

Good morning, fellow scribes and illuminors!

I am very pleased to announce a fairly sizeable update to the scribal website. 

I'd like to give praise and thanks to the Ansteorran artists who provided 
materials for the update: Countess Sara Penrose, Baroness Oriana della 
Francesca, Mistress Dyan du Lac Calendre, Lady Lillias MacGuffin, Honorable 
Lady Nicolea, and Lady Danielle de Marseilles. 

New items include: 
- Contact information and a mini job description on our new Insignia Deputy.
- An updated Official Scroll Texts document
- 7 new works in the Artists Gallery
- An article on tips and tricks for illumination detail work
- Information on what's needed to submit a work for the gallery
- Updated Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Golden Scroll info page

For our next update:  I have also received a few works for the Digital Library 
of Ansteorran Charters. These will be added hopefully next week. (I am always 
looking for more! There are many charters that we don't have any examples of in 
the library. If you are holding a regional or group scribal meeting, *please* 
consider scanning or photographing the works that are ready for submission to 

Again, thank you to all of those who have made contributions of materials for 
the site, or who have provided feedback and suggestions. 

In guache-splattered and internet-geeky service,


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