[Scriptoris] heading to AHSS - carpools

Hillary Greenslade hillaryrg at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 13 17:25:58 PDT 2007

  I saw on the Heralds list, some folks looking at traveling up to AHSS this weekend.  
  I'm also going north, so if you need to catch a ride let me know. 
  I will warn you tho... my A/C is dying, so likely to be a warm trip.  
  I'm planning on leaving Friday mid-morning, but that can be shifted a bit.  I'm planning on heading up Hwy6 to Waco, then I-35 W, past Elfsea then north.   So, I can collect anyone along that path.  I have a room with two doubles, if you want to share space.  Don't plan to return till Sunday after breakfast.  
  Let me know if you want to hitch a ride or meet up.

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