[Scriptoris] [ANSTHRLD] Thank you!!!

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Forwarded from the Herald's list below.  
  I'd also like to add my thanks to those scribal teachers that offered classes: 
  Mst. Stella Silvana, Lady Lillias MacGuffin, HL Haldane Sparhawke and David of Skarrgardr - several teaching multiple classes.   And especially to Master Diarmaid O'Dhuinn, for bringing several historical documents from the university that we could sit and drool over (will not the drooling part, really).  
  Without your efforts, the scribal portion of the event would have not been possible.  
  The gentles of the northern region were all hospitable and friendly, and very helpful.  
  There were even a dozen travelers from Calontir, I'm told.  
  It was a lovely, fun and educational day - one I won't soon forget but will remember fondly.  
  Cheers, Hillary, Star Signet
  Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2007 16:29:08 -0500
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Subject: [ANSTHRLD] Thank you!!!
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Ansteorran Herald and Scribal was a great success!!! Many thanks to
the wonderful people in Mooneschadowe for hosting this event. A
special thanks to Lillias and Estril for their work as autocrat and
class coordinator, respectively.  They did a great job.

One of the many highlights of the event was closing court, where we
got to see a young herald herald his first court.  Miles, you were
great.  You were very courageous to do that court in front of some of
the best court heralds this kingdom has to offer.  They still make me

To the teachers, a hearty huzzah!  We got to touch period documents,
see the insignia of our kingdom and hear stories about how it came
into being, we learned about creating that insignia and saw a really
cool game for our kids and ourselves for learning heraldry.  There
were classes on conflict checking, OSCAR and a whole host of other

For those of you who missed it, I am truly sorry.  It was a great day.

In service,
Druinne, Star

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