[Scriptoris] Reminder of next year's KWHS in London

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Tue Aug 21 08:37:58 PDT 2007

Forwarding for anyone interested, so you can start making your 2008
travel plans.

In service,
Incoming Star

Greetings good cousins from Genevieve la flechiere, steward for
KWHS 2008 in Drachenwald,

For those newly returned from the great fair of Pennsic -
welcome home!

Pray, turn your thoughts to next year's Known World Heralds and
Scribes' symposium in the city of London, September 5-7th 2008.

Planned events:
- visit to British Library, 10 minute walk from accommodation
- visit to English College of Arms
- scriptorium and evening 'gallery viewing' for Drachenwald's
- 'Pub grub' dinner at a London pub on Saturday evening (our
researchers are already hard at work in this area)
...as well as the usual classes, Laurel Roadshow, and visiting.

This trip could be your ideal chance to view a particular find
or artifact at the British Museum, the V&A, Museum of London or
one of the galleries.

Attendees are encouraged to contact these institutions and make
personal arrangements.

Registration starts mid-late September, once we hammer out the
best way for you to pay w/out losing your chemise (and trews and
hose) to the bankers' fees.

Wiki to keep attendees informed:

Yahoogroup to share travel plans, highlight good fares, and ask
questions of the locals - please join to stay informed!

Event steward: Genevieve la flechiere
Please direct teaching offers to Genevieve!

Reservations: Sebastian of Florence
Proceedings editor: Aryanhwy merch Catmael

If you're travelling all this way, consider *also* attending
Raglan Fair IV in South Wales, 20 minutes north of Newport: one
of the finest events in the UK, hosted just one week later.

Fighting, rapier combat, archery, dancing by torchlight, in the
most elegant setting you could ask for.

Raglan Fair IV, 12-14 September 2008

The heralds of Drachenwald are greatly excited about this
symposium, to share new research, put faces to names, and renew
friendships across the known world.

The shire of Thamesreach looks forward to welcoming you here!


Genevieve la flechiere

KWHS 2008 is in Drachenwald

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