[Scriptoris] Quarterly Report Early Reminder

Hillary Greenslade hillaryrg at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 6 10:34:08 PST 2007

Darned, Star beat me to it this time... 
  I was going to send this out last night, and didn't yet. 
  Scribe Regionals and Deputies, time to start pull up all that scribal information from your regions and your offices for your quarterly reports and send to Star Signet, me, so I can merge the information into a single report for Star Principal, as usual.   
  I'll send out the report requirements reminder later today, to the officers. 
  Star Signet would like to receive scribal reports by Dec. 22nd, so I can complete my report to Star Principal before his deadline.   Please be sure to include an update on contact information and your membership card numbers and expirations for the warrant rosters.  
  Regards, Hillary, Star Signet

Star - Ansteorra <star at ansteorra.org> wrote:
  Greetings Heralds and Scribes

This is an early reminder that quarterly reports are due by January 1.
Mark your calendars now!

For those of you officers who report monthly, please be sure your
upline has your latest SCA membership card number and expiration date,
mailing address, phone numbers, and email address.

For those of you officers who report quarterly, please be sure your
upline gets the same information from you, and include the information
for all your deputies as well.

As a result, I should get everyone's latest and greatest contact and
membership information. All that goes into the warrant roster, which
will be signed at Round Table.

In service,
Alden, Star
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