[Scriptoris] New Star Signet

Star - Ansteorra star at ansteorra.org
Tue Dec 25 18:27:11 PST 2007

It is with great pleasure that I announce Baroness Suzanne Gabrielle
Marie Beraud as the new Star Signet of Ansteorra.  Star Signet is the
deputy to Star Principal Herald, in charge of the College of Scribes
of Ansteorra.  Baroness Suzanne will assume the office at King's Round
Table, taking over for Mistress Hillary Rose Greenslade.  I would like
to thank Mistress Hillary for her outstanding service to the kingdom
over the past two years in this office.  The College of Scribes
produces some outstanding art, and performs a much needed service to
the kingdom, and we are fortunate to have such individuals stand up in
these leadership roles.  Thank you.

In service,
HL Alden Drake
Star Principal Herald

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