[Scriptoris] Gulf War '08 Scribes Point Classes

Hillary Greenslade hillaryrg at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 27 19:02:32 PST 2007

  It's not too late to offer a class at Gulf Wars 2008, for Scribe's Point in our new teaching tent just outside the Scribe's Point building, tables/chairs for 16-20.  
  Current Classes include: 
    Monday - open
    Tuesday - Shading Techniques for Illumination
    Wednesday - open for classes
                      - Social for Heralds and Scribes in the evening
    Thursday - Olmsby Psalter slide presentation in the evening
    Friday - an Illumination class (tbd)
  I know some of you are not sure yet if you have the time for Gulf War's this year, but if you think you have a good chance, then submit your class so you can be published in the booklet.  Later, if you can't attend, we can try to replace your class with another.   For those who find you can attend later, feel free to add a class to the schedule with me, even though it won't be in the published book, we can add it at Information and Scribes Point at the event.  
  If you want your class listed in the site book for the A&S Collegium, please send class
 information BEFORE the Deadline, Dec. 30th, 2007 to the Scribe's Point Coordinator at: 
scribespointXVII at gulfwars.org
  Info needed for classes: 
You can fill out the online class forms found at this link, and send e-mail it to me. 


  Don't forget, Teaching also counts as Volunteer Points!

  Cheers, Hillary, GW08 Scribes Point

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