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Hillary Greenslade hillaryrg at yahoo.com
Tue May 1 10:09:53 PDT 2007

If you are heading to Pennsic Wars this year, here are some 
classes available on printing.  Pennsic is great fun for classes!!
Letterpress Classes at Pennsic This Year!              
Posted by:      "kalligraphos"            
Mon Apr 30, 2007 2:02 pm        (PST)                    
If you missed my classes last year, you'll have another chance this
year at Pennsic. Iam working with some of the Pennsic University
people to try and line up some letterpress printing-related classes at
Pennsic War again this year. I am planning on teaching 3 classes:

1) "Period Printing"
In this class we will discuss period equipment (presses, type,
woodcuts, paper, ink, composition tools, etc), and learn how to set
type by hand, as well as set type and print a small broadside for
students to take home. (This class is limited to adults, age 18 and
up, due to the use of lead type, and handling inks and solvents)

2) "Period-like Printing with Computers"
In this class we will discuss the availability of modern typefaces
for computers which approximate (or re-create) period-looking type.
Printing in the SCA is one of the few aspects of our endevour where
we neglect period-ness, and in this class we will explore ways,
using typefaces, art, and layout techniques to make our publications
look more period. (Please leave your Times New Roman and Helvetica
at the door...)

3) "Casting Type With a Period Hand-Mould"
In this workshop we will lear how type was made in period. We will
discuss making punches and matrices, learn how a Hand-Mould is made,
and how it works, and then we will actually case a piece of type
that the students will get to keep and take home. (This class will
be held in my camp, and will be limited to adults, age 18 and over,
because it involved handling molten type-metal, and other hot tools.)

I am currently working on comprehensive hand-outs for each class,
which will include lots of illustrations and examples of the topics
discussed, as well as source lists for supplies and equipment. These
handouts will be in the form of period-looking chapbooks, and will
all be printed on computer (layed out in period style) with
letterpress printed covers, and hand-stitched into books.

I'll keep this list updated with details of these classes as they
come to me (scheduling, locations, etc). Most likely, classes 1 & 2
will be on the last thursday of War, in the afternoon, and class 3
will probably be on either Wednesday or Friday of the last week of
War. Prices for class 1 and 3 will probably be $5-10 (to cover
supplies), and class 2 will probably not have any fee, unless you want
a spiffy copy of the handouts, which will be $2. (All the handouts for
my classes are going to be nicely typeset and illustrated chapbooks,
hand-stitched, with letterpress printed covers...)

Detailes to come soon,
--Ld Padraig Muadhan

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