[Scriptoris] [Scribes] Medieval/Renaissace Illumination Class in danger of cancellation

Hillary Greenslade hillaryrg at yahoo.com
Thu May 10 13:16:02 PDT 2007

Greetings Scribes, 
If you plan to attend KWHSS in Caid this summer, and want to attend the Sylvana Barrett workshop,
but that requires you to cover two days of hotel (Wed/Thurs), before the rest of your group
arrives for the official KWHSS for rooms (Frid/Sat)... and that extra cost for a hotel room all by
yourself is daunting...then never fear!   

There is now an online yahoo group to arrange roommate connections, to help offset costs of the
workshop; and perhaps share information about the workshop before the event.  
Check out: SylvanaWkshop at yahoogroups.com  

Regards, Hillary / Ansteorra
(PS - I don't yet have a room so am willing to share one to cut expenses, else I'm booking

--- res0tiam at verizon.net wrote:
>From KWHSS autocrat 
> Excellent idea!
> There is now a SylvanaWkshop at yahoogroups.com  group to help those who are currently signed up,
> and those who would like to sign up, but need help finding a roommate.  The hotel allows up to 4
> people in the room without additional charge. People will need to make their own arrangements
> wrt rooming. But this provides a reasonable way to work it.  I will send invitations to all who
> are signed up, as soon as I get the e-list.  For those on this list who are now or intend to be
> signed up, please join it.
> Eowyn

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