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The COMPLETE class schedule and class descriptions for KWHSS 2007 (June 14-17 at Crowne Plaza Hotel at the Los Angeles Airport) is available at www.kwhss.org.

We have very limited space for the special pre-symposium workshop by Sylvana Barrett, "Renaissance Illumination in the Style of Jean Bourdechon".

After a full day of heraldic, onomastic and scribal classes, there will be a wonderful banquet on Saturday evening followed by a ball featuring some of Caid's best musicians and dance masters.

Sunday will include more classes, a 'State of the College' address by Laurel, and a Laurel Road Show to highlight processing actual submissions.

There is also a separate Yahoogroups list, SylvanaWkshop at yahoogroups.com, specifically for the workshop attendees to provide better communication and arrange hotel accommodations, but is open to anyone. 

Please join us for a terrific time!

Su of the Silver Horn, Dolphin Herald
Class Coordinator, 2007 KWHSS 
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