[Scriptoris] Ansteorran Scribes Website nomination for Blackfox award

Hillary Greenslade hillaryrg at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 2 13:09:08 PDT 2007

Congrats to Zubeydah Jamilla al-Badawiyya for the Ansteorran nomination to the William Blackfox Webbies award for SCA websites, in the category of   'Best Content'  !!  
  A lot of scribes have contributed articles, text, images and artwork to build these scribal pages over the past years; and I'm excited that Zubeydah is recognized for that effort on behalf of all of you.  Zubeydah has spent the last two years developing, organizing and maintaining the Ansteorran Scribe's Website; a project that I know she has put her heart and soul into.   
    I'm sure Zubeydah joins me in reminding you all that she needs More Content! ... to make that site very informative, educational, fun and a great showcase for your scribal work. Where else can you easily show your scribal artwork without having to build the pages yourself?    Images can be sent to Zubeydah.  Articles can be sent to Star Signet for approval before posting.  Don't forget to include the required permission forms. 
  Congratulations again to Zubeydah for the nomination for the Blackfox Webbies award!!
  Way to go!  Holding my breath and Crossing my fingers that you win!!   
  (drim roll, please...opening the envelope....and the award goes to....)

  Cheers, Hillary, Signet  

ansteorra-request at lists.ansteorra.org wrote:
  Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2007 11:25:13 -0500
From: "Chiara Francesca" 
Subject: Re: [Ansteorra] BlackFox Webbies
To: "'Kingdom of Ansteorra - SCA, Inc.'"

These are the nominations that I will be submitting today to our Society
Chronicler. Congratulations everyone for jobs well done. :)

Best Overall Website - http://marshal.ansteorra.org/armored/ Sieur Jean Paul
de Sens

Best Organization - http://stargate.ansteorra.org/ Lady Merewyn de Laugharne

Best Use of Technology - http://acceps.ansteorra.org/ (group effort)

Best Artwork - http://black-lake.ansteorra.org/ Parker Torrence

Best Special Interest Website - http://youth-combat.ansteorra.org/ Lord
Michael of Langley (rip)

Best Regular Feature - none submitted

Best Content - http://scribe.ansteorra.org/ Zubeydah Jamilla al-Badawiyya

Honorable Mentions - http://heraldry.ansteorra.org HL Alasdair MacEogan

HL Chiara Francesca
Kingdom WebMinister, Ansteorra

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