[Scriptoris] Wordfame - Defender of the Rose

Hillary Greenslade hillaryrg at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 14 17:13:40 PST 2007

This last weekend the Defender of the Rose Artisan competition was held, along with other competitions.  Several scribal pieces were displayed, and HL Brenna has already posted her images link; so here's a chance to share the images with you all.  This competition was judged by the Ansteorran Roses, who were granted three beads each, as I understand. 
    Oksana Goncharova, Bjornsborg, new to Ansteorra from the East Kingdom, displayed a lovely Romanesque column illumination on parchment with gold leaf. 

  Baroness Suzanne Beraud submitted a page after the Mira Calligraphia book, with a large still life rose predominate on the page.  An image can be seen at: 
  Kaitlan Roisendubh, Emerald Keep, showed an early period piece, her first champion scroll: 
  Also, yours truly, with an acanthus leaf scroll, for a former 'Guardian of the Queen's Hope': 
  And although not directly a scribal piece, the gallery images behind the medieval dolls in equestrian tournament, depicted the Ansteorran Roses... can you guess who is whom?
  The dolls and gallery were by Alexandra Doyle, Bjornsborg. 
  The scribal community was well represented at the Defenders of the Rose!
  Keep up the beautiful work.  
  Cheers, Hillary, Star Signet

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